Runner’s Cookies

Recently a friend of ours brought over the most delicious cookies for our holiday party. They were so delicious that one bite in and the cookies went into a cupboard … Continue Reading →

Backyard Orchard

Let’s face it living in the city will never provide enough space for a full-blown orchard that will produce enough sweet succulent fruits – apples, pears, cherries, nectarines, plumbs, etc… … Continue Reading →



Aside from enjoying applesauce straight from the container Abi and I use applesauce in a lot of our baked goods. From cakes to brownies applesauce is a great egg replacer … Continue Reading →

Farmers Market Apples

Supporting Farmers, Eating Fresh, and Saving Money – Apple Style

Supporting Farmers, Eating Fresh, and Saving Money I always hear how expensive it is to eat healthy and eat fresh. This is an argument I just don’t believe. I think … Continue Reading →

Bagel Making


Since becoming the giddy owners of a VitaMix, Abi and I have become obsessed with finding every possible use for the dry blade container. While staring at the bagel selection … Continue Reading →

Wheat Grass Harvesting

Wheat Grass Centerpiece

Why settle for a boring lifeless centerpiece or flowers that just wilt and last short-term when you can have a fun, edible, living centerpiece, that will also save you money … Continue Reading →

1-2person tart with raw crust

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

  Serves 8 Ingredients For RAW Crust 1 Cup Raw hazelnuts (Raw Almonds also work well) Splash of vanilla 2T Agave or Maple Syrup (For ginger crust add 2t grated … Continue Reading →

Vegan Fondue

Fondue for Two

So in addition to the amazing Beet Ravioli ( I wanted to make a dish that, in my mind, is a quintessential romantic dish…fondue! Now in order to make this … Continue Reading →

Beet Ravioli

Beet Ravioli

Amos and I chose to celebrate valentines day on Friday instead of on Thursday for two reasons: (1) we wanted to get in our training runs (we are both training … Continue Reading →

Veg Friendly "Tunafish and Rigatoni"

Casagrande “Tunafish” and Rigatoni

I learned to cook from mom and she learned to cook from her father – a second generation Italian. While I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather his … Continue Reading →


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